Biometric Locked Notebook

Biometric Locked Notebook

By G.D. Burrowes For Tech

March 2018

So you have your business ideas and information? The next Facebook? Amazon? Google? Well make sure your plans are properly locked away. The world’s first writing notebook with a biometric fingerprint sensor.

How are you currently managing your information securely? The Biometric lock notebook uses high-quality, ink-friendly paper which is ideal for smooth writing. It has multiple pockets so you can organize documents, pictures, cards and any of those necessary business that you may need to keep handy.

Using the latest finger-print technology, this Lockbook unlocks within one seconds only by your touch. It s also waterproof and scratch-resistant, make it ideal for all your travel purposes.

As a Top level man you need is more than just a notebook, you need something that is going to match your lifestyle. So keep those millionarie ideas together with features such a binder organizer, a ring binder, dividers, and perforated pages for those tear-out memos that didn't make the cut.

This is the 2.0 version which offers improved specs on the locking mechanism and the internal chip, for a smooth and seamless user experience.


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