Laguna Aurora Wristwatch

Laguna Aurora Wristwatch

By Dave Miner For Style

March 2018

For those who wear a watch regularly, you know that without it there is this feeling of something missing. Always nagging at you throughout the day that something is wrong. Well, the same can be said for a lifestyle of luxury for men. As great as someone can look there is always that nagging feeling when there isn’t that timepiece on your wrist. Especially since it is one of the few men’s jewelry that is acceptable to wear on all occasions.

One such piece of men’s luxury wristwatch is from a company named Larsson & Jennings. This particular piece is their Lugano Aurora Milanese 38mm wristwatch. Unlike many men’s luxury watches nowadays, this particular makes its focus the hands so that the dial can take center stage. Making it an elegant piece without taking away from this watch. I’d recommend taking a look at what this luxury timepiece has to offer, because Larsson & Jennings men’s watches are exactly what Top Level Men are looking for.


"If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor." - Albert Einstein