Moooi Black Leather Couch

Moooi Black Leather Couch

By Dave Miner For Living

February 2018

Trying to set the mood can be difficult. Having the proper luxury couch can help you out. When engaging with another person, there are multiple factors, in and out of your control, that can make or break the scenario. One of these factors is how comfortable the other person is. Thankfully, this is one of those scenarios that we can control.

In comes the stylish living room. Solid sound system, strategically laid out for intimate gatherings, and ready to entertain. But the last piece to all of this is one’s couch. This is the one place that the lucky lady can go to when her heels are a bit too much for that night. This couch can’t just look good, it has to feel great, otherwise she will just be as uncomfortable as she is standing up. With Moooi furniture, that’s exactly what you will get. This particular 3 section, black leather couch can get you, the reader, the most comfortable and stylish piece of furniture for your living space. And it goes without saying, nothing speaks luxury like black leather. It does come in 2 other colors if you are looking to branch out your style. This particular piece of luxury furniture is designed by Marcel Wanders. So head on over to our good friends at Moooi and check out exactly what they have to offer your Top Level Living room.


"In a modern loft, you can't just fill a space with furniture. Each piece has to be perfect." - Nate Berkus