Ameriwood Home Office Desk

Ameriwood Home Office Desk

By Dave Miner For Living

February 2018

If you are anything like myself, work doesn't just end when you go home. Ideas keeps flowing and the desire to continuously grow your skills, your company, and all other aspects of your work life. The last thing I want to do is to have a mediocre desk, hell nothing that is associated with work should be mediocre. That’s why keeping things organized and pushing forward all the time makes having the right desk so important.

At Ameriwood, they have some of the best home office equipment you can get, and at an incredibly reasonable price. One of it’s best features are its build in cord management. Especially in today’s world of tech and gadgets, cords can become an incredible hassle and ruin the look of any good home office. These particular desks come with a mobile file cabinet, keeping your space organized and securing any documents you may need hidden away. Finally, these home office desks look great. Keeping in mind that we have a reputation to uphold as Top Level Men, it is important that work is just as luxurious as the rest of our life. Making these Ameriwood home office desks the perfect fit to continue that stylish male life that we strive to push for every day.


"You don't buy luxury to enter a community, but to set yourself apart from others." - Francois-Henri Pinault