Baccarat Dallas Old Fashioneds

Baccarat Dallas Old Fashioneds

By Dave Miner For Kitchen

February 2018

Want to prove you are at the top? Baccarat’s crystal glassware are the items to do just that. Originally based in France, this luxury crystal design company has the best that money can offer. Of course, to get this premium you may take a hit to your wallet. But that's what being at the top means, getting what we want no matter what. And what better to light up the glassware in a bar collection than with this 4 piece old fashioned set. With over 250 years of crystal craftsmanship there isn’t anything quite like the products that come out of Baccarat.

Even if this is an instance in life of being held back by a budget, there are times when having something so luxurious is worth going above and beyond for. One of those times is having a bar that you can relax, enjoy a cigar, all while having a great drink in the best glassware. Let’s be honest, feeling the weight of hand blown glasses makes having a drink so much better. There is that bit of satisfaction to having something so simple, yet you can feel the weight of luxury right in your hand, giving any engagement that little something extra to make it an experience only you can offer. So go grab your favorite Bourbon Whiskey, toss in a maraschino cherry and enjoy life, because that’s what you’ve earned.


"Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy." - Frank Sinatra