Best Activated Charcoal Products For Men

Best Activated Charcoal Products For Men

By Dave Miner For Bathroom

February 2018

All you have to do is look around and everywhere you see "activated charcoal". What is all of that hype about? Well let's take a quick look. Traditionally activated charcoal is used for medical purposes, it will bind itself to many different things which will then render them inert. This makes it a great tool for absorbing things inside of your body, like toxins. But the benefits of activated charcoal have now been seen all sorts of health and cleansing products. That binding feature that we just spoke of, well it turns out that it will also bind to teeth stains, the crud inside of dirty pores, and anything else that might removed by a skin cleanser. Once the activated charcoal binds itself, the removal process is incredibly easy. Remove all of the black and everything that it attached too will be gone and you can go out feeling comfortable that you are the top of your game. So lets get into this quick list of high quality activated charcoal products for men that will keep you looking fresh.

1. Blaq Carbon Activated Charcoal Face Mask

activated charcoal facemask

Blaq Carbon has been creating products exclusively with activated charcoal. This company has just started last year but is already making a solid start as these products are top of the line.


2. Crux Activated Charcoal Face Scrub

crux activated charcoal face scrub

This face scrub by Crux is the perfect addition to your activated charcoal product suite. Quickly being able to get rid of oils and impurities is just one of the ways this product keeps men looking sharp


3. WARPAINT Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitener

warpaint activated charcoal whitener

Seems like an odd addition to the group. Considering you have to make your teeth black to make them whiter than before. But beyond the irony of the situation lies a great trick to getting rid of those nasty coffee stains and taking the first steps to keeping that killer smile.


4. Blaq Carbon Activated Charcoal Lip Balm

activated charcoal lip balm

First thoughts, all of these products are black and designed to cleanse by washing away. But lip balm is something you want to keep on so am I going to get black lips. Well, luckly enough, we've arrived back at Blaq Carbon and they've recognized that most people probably don't want to go back to their goth days. Instead they created this lip balm to go on clear but maintain the anti-aging and clear skin properties that all of these other activated charcoal products have.


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